Indeginous Music


A didgeridoo is an aboriginal musical instrument which is classified as an aerophone. This is considered as the national musical instrument of the Aboriginal people of Australia. This is one of the oldest musical instrument in Australia. This musical instrument has a long tube with no finger holes. This is where the player will blow to produce music. The part where the player will blow has a mouthpiece which is made out of beeswax. This musical instrument is made out of eucalyptus. The contemporary type of didgeridoo is made out of PVC pipes. This is traditionally played by men during recreational and ceremonial singing. This is only rarely used as solo instrument. The skilled player using this instrument will use circular breathing to produce a continuous sound. They also use different kinds of techniques to manage the harmonic resonances of this instrument. This is not used all over the nation, this is only used by the Aboriginal people coming from the northerly regions of Australia like Batemans Bay. Some of the famous people who use this instrument are Joe Geia, David Hudson, William Barton, Mark Atkins, Djalu Gurruwiwi and Charlie McMahon. Funeral insurance


Clapstick is an indigenous musical instrument in Australia. This musical instrument is classified under percussion. This is not like the drumstick that are used to strike the drum to produce music, this instrument is used to strike one another, stick to stick.


Bunggul is an indigenous musical style from Australia. This music type was established in Mann River near Geraldton. This musical type is famous for its amazing lyrical content. The lyrics in this musical style is made out of epic journeys. These stories of epic journeys will continue to be told even as the musical background stops or with the accompaniment of a background music.

Clan Song

There are many terms coined by the Aborigines about the songs they share about their Aboriginal Culture. These terms are emeba, fjatpangarri, manikay and many more other terms of the native tongue. These songs focus on the stories of the clans and families of the Aboriginal people. These songs are updated every now and then. They include some of the famous films, music, controversies and other social relationships.


Songlines or Yiri are related to the Dreamtime. This is more on oral lore or other types of storytelling. These are told through song cycles. These song cycles can identify landmarks, track items and help in navigation.

Death Wail

The Death Wail is a mourning lament which is recorded in different parts of the central and northern parts of Australia. You don’t need to buy life insurance Australia to play this instrument. This is also recorded in Torres Strait Islanders. If you have lost Super you really should find it.

Other Indigenous Music Style

There are many more Indigenous Music Style in Australia such as the Krill Krill from east Kimberly, the Kun-borrk established in Adelaide, Rose Rivers and Mann, and the Wangga fromSouth Alligator River.



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